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3CX: Improving the Lives of Humans—and Animals, Too!

Great weight is given to the reliability of a business’s phone system—especially when the system is supporting a multi-location animal hospital. At any time that the lives of our four-legged (or feathered, scaled …) friends are on the line, health-related communication is a necessity that mustn’t be jeopardized by an outdated phone system. It is for this reason that the Animal Hospital of Malmö, Sweden, decided to upgrade its inefficient and expensive PBX to a 3CX Phone System.

The Animal Hospital of Malmö offers 24-hour care with a staff of 120 veterinarians. With this number of doctors, it’s no surprise that the hospital needed an advanced solution to keep them all in touch at all times. With their legacy phone system, the veterinarians experienced problems with inbound call queues as well as with callback services—and no veterinarian wants to miss a call that could help save an animal’s life.

The 3CX solution was able to address all the needs of this sickbay for critters. Here are a few ways that the IP-based phone system came to the rescue of the Animal Hospital of Malmö—and could satisfy the needs of your business as well:

Complete unification

The new phone system connected each clinic across the country using one IP-PBX, easing communication among hospital branches. The phone system also remedied the former callback and call queue dilemma, promoting improved customer satisfaction, by using the 3CX Call Center Module, which includes additional features such as SLA alerts and real-time agent statistics.

An economical choice

The software-based PBX proved to be the most cost-effective solution for replacing the clinic’s proprietary on-premises hardware. The IP configuration and Windows compatibility makes for simple installation for IT staff. The phone system’s computer-based maintenance also allows for in-house management. Internet-based telephony plus internal administration eliminates long-distance, repair and installation fees imposed by legacy PBX systems.

Even if your business doesn’t involve the safeguarding of man’s best friends, if you’re currently operating on a legacy PBX, take this use case example to heart as a clear demonstration that it’s time to improve your phone system.

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