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Why Unified Communications Is the Key to Millennial Productivity


Ask any 20-something how often he or she relies on voicemail and expect this response: almost never. This day and age millennials prefer to execute communication—both personal and professional—via texting or instant messaging; even emails are answered on personal smartphones in favor of desktops.

So as a business owner why do you need to be concerned with the technology preferences of this generation? Well, millennials are taking over the workplace, as evidenced by the fact that by 2020 nearly half of US workers will be millennials. Simply put, today’s workers are demanding real-time communications tools that they can use across the devices of their choosing. As such, businesses are increasingly looking to take advantage of unified communications in order to keep up with millennial BYOD preferences.

If your organization offers a robust UC system, your millennial employees won’t have to resort to using apps or third-party messaging systems on their personal devices to communicate. And that’s a good thing. After all, research shows the BYOD movement can cause security vulnerabilities, data loss and IT complications. Conversely, companies that offer a central platform to communicate become both attractive to the tech savvy newcomers and less susceptible to security mishaps.

3CX, for instance, offers a best-in-class unified communications platform designed to increase the productivity of young workers while curtailing security issues associated with the BYOD movement. The following features are available to organizations:

  • Presence: This feature allows your employees to view the status of their colleagues—e.g. available, busy—without the hassle of leaving a voicemail or walking away from their desks. In so doing, productivity and collaboration are augmented and problems can be remedied in near real time.
  • Instant Messaging/Text Chat: Offer your younger employees a service that allows them to communicate across the vehicles they grew up with and use in their everyday lives already—like instant messaging and texting. With 3CX, for instance, your organization can eliminate the need for these millennials to use a third-party Internet messaging system. IM and chat with your colleagues in a timely manner while knowing your conversation is secure.

Click here to learn more about the functions and services you need to please your fast paced employees and stay safe at the same time.

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