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Does Your Current Phone System Support Your Long-term Plans?

Ask yourself:  Will your current phone system be able to keep pace with your long-term plans over the next five years? What about the next ten?

Chances are your legacy phone system isn’t equipped to withstand the significant changes the next decade is likely to bring—like an increased demand for unified communications or hosted communications solutions, for example. If your future business plans include major growth and an increased need for collaboration, you may find your phone system becoming more of a hindrance than a help.

Consider how a hosted PBX solution could put these concerns to rest with these benefits:

Cost savings

Hosted PBX solutions require little in-house maintenance and save you from up charges imposed by legacy phone carriers, such as long-distance charges and wiring repair fees. With a hosted PBX, you’ll gain a system that is constantly maintained, up-to-date and in working order while sidestepping exorbitant fees or dedicating in-house resources to phone repair and maintenance.

Increased productivity

A hosted PBX system is adaptable to today’s business communication needs. That is, it will be able to keep pace with your phone system requirements as your business grows in both size and sophistication. Rich features such as access to voicemails and faxes via email, mobile connectivity, conferencing and click-to-call will augment every aspect of your business communication best practices, now and in the future.


Hosted PBX systems eliminate the need for on-premises architecture i.e., copper wiring, which can affect a business’s ability to simply scale its phone system. In addition, a hosted PBX can grow with your company without taking up space or requiring expensive infrastructure, as increased scale is acquired through third-party management.

Hosted PBX ensures longevity and reliability so that your business plans can roam free, unencumbered by an out-dated legacy phone system.

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