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Why You Need a Software-based PBX for Your Fledgling Enterprise

For fledgling small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that haven’t yet purchased an on-premises phone system—so don’t have an equipment investment to offset—a software-based PBX should be a given. The Internet/intranet-connected system, also referred to as IP-PBX (as it uses Internet Protocol—IP—to manage call switching), will provide your company with significant improvements over a traditional PBX telephony solution. Even an established SMB with a legacy PBX, however, would benefit from moving to a software-based phone system due to cost savings alone.

For many new SMBs, a primary concern is minimizing unnecessary revenue drains—such as separate networks necessary for voice and data communications. It’s also important that their phone system has the flexibility necessary for business growth while simultaneously containing operation and maintenance costs. A software-based PBX will not only support these goals but includes advanced communication features, like voicemail to email.

So, what are these software-based PBX phone system benefits that make it nearly a prerequisite for your new or established business’s success? Let’s take a look at just a few:

Easy to install and manage

Installation does not require additional wiring, cabling or patch panels. Also, since phones are IP-based, they’re easy to move from one connection to another—and they automatically find home, connecting back to the PBX server. They can also be added to an existing system (think branch offices) via a low-cost Internet connection.

No requirement for telecom knowledge or background

Administrators can easily configure IP-PBX services using an Internet browser or another IP-based tool. This means you won’t have to support an on-site IT team—at least not for your phone system.

Operates on open standards

Because the phone system is based on open software standards, it is vendor-independent. That is, you won’t need to change an existing carrier relationship.

Offers central control

A front-end graphical user interface makes it more user-friendly than traditional PBXs.

Lowers cost

A business-owned IP-PBX typically results in lower average monthly operating costs because it doesn’t require separate circuit- and packet-switched networks. In addition, by employing SIP trunking with your in-house IP-PBX, you’ll reduce your phone bills, especially for long-distance and international calls, when you connect to a lower-cost VoIP provider. You’ll also avoid carrier charges for maintenance and upgrades.

Incorporates unified messaging

Receive and listen to your voice messages from your email account, for example, as well as set up virtual meetings using Web conferencing. And integration with your CRM system makes it possible to improve your business’s customer service.

Are you ready to deploy an IP-PBX in your organization? We can help. Click here to download the free trial of 3CX Phone System and see for yourself how it can support your business’s profitability.

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