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Want to Support Remote Working? You Need the Right Tools

Today, we can complete a vast array of tasks straight from our personal devices.  Due to the amount of productivity that is capable from the comfort of our own homes, many businesses are allowing more flexible work-from-home schedules; that is, if they are equipped with the right tools. If you are looking for a way to grant your employees with more freedom to work-from-home without hindering industriousness, then look no further than softphone technology. Below are key components which make the softphone a necessary tool:

Make Your Office Extension Mobile

No matter where your employees choose to work from remotely, they can still be reached at their office extension. For instance, in Scandinavia, home-based-co-working spaces are on the rise, rather than the typical norm of working from an individual’s personal home. Thanks to software based PBX; your employees can work wherever they have an Internet connection and feel comfortable. Calls are made via the Internet rather than through hardwires associated with legacy telephony systems. Through one interface your entire team can stay connected and accessible at one telephone number regardless of physical location.

Making the Transfer is Simple

Sure, changing your organizations business tools is usually reason to run for it, but this is not the case with softphones. You won’t have to hold a training seminar on how to operate this new technology- it’s that user friendly. Each feature is made available in one interface which can be accessed via mobile phone or personal computer. From one screen, access an entire directory of phone lines and see which of your colleagues are available or in meetings.

The key to successful work-from-home implementation is all about your choice in tools. Working from the office isn’t a mandatory part of corporate culture any longer with the integration of business solutions such as the softphone. Comment below to tell us your thoughts on the benefits of working-from-home!


By |February 24th, 2015|Comments Off on Want to Support Remote Working? You Need the Right Tools

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