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Three Ways Virtual PBX Can Improve Your Customer Service

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever; in fact, more than half of them will hang up the phone after being on hold for less than one minute. So, it’s no shock that a single customer service slip-up can send valued clients to a competitor. The only way to preserve your organization’s reputation and keep customers coming back is to provide excellent service, every time.

Virtual PBX providers can be your valued partner in providing the spectacular service your customers expect and deserve. Virtual PBX helps your business provide the best customer service in these three ways:

Remote workforce capability

A virtual PBX system enables contact center agents to handle their call queues from remote locations by way of a desktop or laptop. This feature allows your company to build the robust workforce you need to ensure the short wait times and agent availability customers expect without having to provide more physical office space or invest in more phone system infrastructure. As well, virtual PBX can help you to more evenly distribute calls across agents who are both on-site and working remotely.  As a result, agents will become less stressed and more satisfied in their position, which is of great importance as satisfied employees provide better service.

Multichannel communications

Today’s customers reach your business across many channels—on the phone, on the Web and from their mobile devices. A virtual PBX provider enables your business to communicate with customers over multiple channels. Using a virtual PBX, a customer might click a “call” button on your website, for example, which then transfers the call to your business location over IP-based phone lines. This simplifies the interaction for the end user which speaks to greater customer satisfaction.

Scalability and cost efficiency

As your business grows, your remote PBX phone system can grow as well. If you add more employees or locations your business won’t suffer due to additional costs brought on by on-premises infrastructure because the virtual PBX system allows you to seamlessly and quickly add phone lines by way of drop down menus on a computer-based interface. As such, you can add scale on-the-fly with the simple click of a mouse.

Excellent customer service is the name of game in today’s competitive business landscape and a best-in-class virtual PBX provider can help you serve up nothing but the best.

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