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Configuring the AlphaTech IPDP Cityline Door Phone

This guide describes how to configure an AlphaTech Door Phone (also known as Moshi Door Phones in the UK) with 3CX:
  • Ensure you have created an extension in the 3CX Management Console which will be used for the door phone. It is recommended that for security purposes, you should disable outbound (external) calls for this extension.
  • Open the IPDP door phone and view the back as per the image below:

Configuring the AlphaTech IPDP Cityline Door Phone with the 3CX Phone SystemOpening IPDP Phone to Configure for use with 3CX Phone System

  • Connect the Network UTP cable to the Ethernet connection (Number 13 on the image above) . Ideally you should connect it to a POE Network Switch. Alternatively, you would need to also connect a 12v power supply to the power block (Number 22 on the image above). For more details on how to connect this and the specifications for the power supply please refer to the manual or contact AlphaTech support.
  • Look for the DIP switch which is located in the middle of the circuit board (Number 14 in image above). The switch settings are as shown below:

DIP Switch Settings for use with 3CX Phone System

  • On the DIP switch, set all switches to ON except switch number 2, which must be set to OFF.
  • Close the box and switch on the device.
  • The Default IP address of  door phone set by the manufacturer  is  If you are installing with your PC in a different subnet, (i.e. Not using, it will be necessary to set up a network card having an IP address in the same subnet range so you can connect to the device and make the necessary changes.
  • Launch your web browser enter the IP address of  the  Door Phone (
  • In the page that loads up, click on the link ‘Setup’
  • Enter user name and password (by default the name is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘1234’)
  • The Device config page will now load up.

Configuring Door Phone with 3CX Phone System

  • Click on “Network Settings” and set up the settings as required for your Network . When done click on ‘Save and restart’ and then connect using the new IP address.
  • Click on “SIP parameters” and configure the settings as follows:

SIP proxy server

  1. Address: IP of 3CX server
  2. Port: the 3CX sip port (default 5060)

SIP registrar server

  1. Address: IP of 3CX server
  2. Port: the 3CX sip port (default 5060)

Account module

  1. Name: Extension Number configured in 3CX Phone System to be used for the door phone
  2. Password: Authentication Password of the Door Phone Extension Number
  3. Auth. Id: Authentication ID of the Door Phone Extension Number
  4. Expiration [sec]: 600
  • Click on ‘Save changes’
  • Click on sip ‘Setting Audio’ and set priority 1 to G711u, priority 1 to G711a and priority 3 to G729. Click on ‘Save changes’.
  • Click on Memory numbers and in Button 1 and Button 2 put in the numbers of the extensions you want to ring when the door bell is pressed.  For multiple extensions to ring, set up a Ring All ring group and insert the Ring Group number instead of an Extension Number. Click on ‘Save changes’.
  • The doorbell can now be used with 3CX. When the doorbell is pressed, the configured extension (or ring group) will ring and can be answered by answering the phone of the ringing extension.
  • To open the door set up the door lock with the relay as specified in the manual and also set up the correct opening codes in Fermax config, Relays section.

Alphatech Door Phones are marketed as Moshi Door Phones in the UK

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