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Configuring 3CX Phone System with Skype Connect

You can make and receive calls through Skype Connect to 3CX Phone System using SIP Forwarding. Customers using Skype can call your company’s Skype number with just a click of a button – using the Click & Call feature – making your company easier to reach.

All mobile, landline and Skype calls to a Skype number will be received by 3CX Phone System and handled like any other call, which means call queuing, transferring of calls, making use of the digital receptionist and all the additional features available with 3CX Phone System.

This tutorial will show you how to configure 3CX Phone System to work with Skype Connect for incoming and outgoing calls.

Step 1 : Configure Skype Connect with Skype Manager

  1.  Visit the Skype Manager link – Skype Manager and login using your credentials.
  2. Click on the Skype Connect link “profile setup for Skype Connect“.
  3.  This will take you to your SIP Profiles page so you can set up a SIP account to use with 3CX Phone System. Click on “Set up a SIP Profile“. Type in a Profile name for your SIP configuration e.g. “3CX” and click “Next“.
  4.  Here you are asked to choose the number of channels you need. Each channel allows one incoming or outgoing call at one time, so choose according to your needs, purchase the channels and you will be taken to the third stage which contains your authentication details. Once you’ve filled this in, your SIP profile configuration will be completed.
  5. Go to your SIP Profiles page again where you will see your SIP Profile. You have to also allocate Skype Credits to make outgoing calls (the charge for each channel is separate from the cost of the calls). Click on “View Profile“, and select “SIP Authentication Details” in the left column, which will bring up your Skype SIP details.
  6. Note down your SIP User Name and Password if you haven’t already done so as we’ll need these credentials in step 5 of the “Configure 3CX Phone System for Skype Connect” section. In case you’ve forgotten your SIP password, click on “Generate a new password” and a new one will be send to your email account.
  7. Click on Profile Settings. On the “Incoming Calls” row click on “Add number or business account“.
  8. Click on “Add Business Account or Add Skype Number“. You have to have a Skype Number to receive calls from landlines or mobile phones to your 3CX Phone System. Please note, SIP forwarding using Business Accounts is not done correctly in the following Skype clients: 6.1 and 6.2, and Skype Support is looking into the problem. Therefore, we’ll use a Skype Number. If you have not already purchased a number you can do so now. After purchasing a number you have to wait for a few seconds until it has been allocated to you. Press “Confirm” when you are finished.
  9. After you have confirmed that the Skype Online Number is connected to your SIP Profile, any calls made to that number will be forwarded to the SIP Profile and in turn to all your pre-configured extensions within 3CX Phone System.

Step 2: Configure 3CX Phone System for Skype Connect

After you have configured your Skype Connect settings you follow the next steps to configure 3CX Phone System with Skype Connect:

  1. Log in to 3CX Phone System  using your credentials.
  2. Click on the “VoIP Providers” node and then click on “Add Provider” to start your provider setup.
  3. Click on “Country” and scroll down the list to find the “Worldwide” providers. Click on the “Provider” option and select “Skype Connect“. Type any name you want for the provider in the “Name of Provider” field, then press “Next“.
  4. The correct values have been filled in for you in the next page by 3CX Phone System based on your previous option. Press “Next” again to go to the Account Details for your VoIP Provider Account.
  5. In the Authentication ID field, fill in the SIP username that you noted down from your Skype SIP Authentication Details. Add your Skype Online Number that is attached to your Skype SIP profile to the “External Number Field“. Type in your “Authentication Password” and set the number of simultaneous calls. Click “Next“.
    Caution: If a Skype Number is not attached to the SIP Profile and 3CX Phone System is setup to work with Skype Connect, by adding a Skype Number at a later stage make sure to create an inbound rule for incoming calls.
  6. Configure your Office Hours and Out of Office hours call routing options and click “Next“.
  7. Configure your outbound rules, click “Finish” to complete your VoIP Provider Setup. You can check if all is well by clicking on your Ports/Trunk Status node on 3CX Phone System and seeing if you are registered with Skype.
  8. You will now need to configure your inbound rules so 3CX Phone System will know how to reroute the calls coming through your Skype Online Number. To do this, click on the “VoIP Providers” node and then on “Skype Connect“. Click on the “DID” tab.
  9. Add your Skype Number here without “00” or “+” prefixes but with the wildcard “*” in front of it and press “Add“, then “Apply” and “Ok“. Now click on the “Source ID”  Tab.
  10. Tick the “Source Identification by DID” check box and click the “Add DID”  button. Select the entry you created in the previous step, click “Ok” and then “Apply” and “Ok” again.
  11. This will create an inbound rule (you can see it in the “Inbound Rules” node) that will filter the incoming calls from the Skype Online Number and route them to the proper extension as per your settings.
  12. Congratulations you have configured Skype Connect with the 3CX Phone System!
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