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End The Hunt for Flexible Communication with SIP Trunking

Searching for a viable solution to address your legacy phone system woes can be an exhausting task. After all, you need to ensure your solution of choice meets all the elements on your business communications checklist. So, if the first item on your list is flexibility followed by cost efficiency and improved collaborative tools, look no further than a SIP trunk solution.

Many businesses are already enjoying the benefits associated with SIP trunking. In fact, Infonetics Research forecasts the market to climb to $8 billion by 2018, up from $4.4 billion in 2014. The telecom trend is catching on with the masses; your competitors are already leveraging SIP trunking to communicate at a higher efficiency. As such, it’s time for your business to stop shopping around.

It’s important for organizations to understand that SIP trunking provides far much more than just VoIP communication. Specifically, SIP trunking is often sold in conjunction with unified communications (UC) and PBX solutions. Here are a list SIP trunking advantages that are sure to meet the requirements on your phone system list:


SIP trunking eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure while increasing an organization’s ability to scale on command. For example, a growing employee base can be easily accommodated for, as adding lines to a SIP trunk is simple and can be done from an Internet-based configuration, rather than on-site wiring installation.

Cost Efficiency

As mentioned above, SIP trunking eradicates the need for traditional on-premise architecture. Not only does this allow your organization to enjoy enhanced flexibility, but it also puts money back in your wallet. Essentially, you own your phone lines. For example, with SIP trunks you can say goodbye to exorbitant long distance fees as each phone line is routed over the Internet eliminating proprietary phone carrier’s charges.

More collaborative options

It’s no surprise that telecom resellers are pitching SIP trunking and UC as a packaged deal. The flexibility and cost efficiency of the IP phone line solution combined with a myriad of communications tools provides companies with the greatest guarantee of ROI. That is, businesses productivity levels are poised to spike upon implementing UC features such as instant chat, web conferencing and presence technology.

Your business’s communication standards are paramount to its long-term success.

So, secure your company’s potential for success by upgrading your phone system to include a SIP trunking solution.

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