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Calling VoIP Providers Worldwide – Complete 3CX Interop

3CX is one of the few PBX vendors which provides partners and customers easy access to VoIP Providers worldwide. Our interop test provides full functionality and automatically configures 3CX for use with VoIP Providers.

This saves our customers and partners countless hours of configuration and guarantees that everything works perfectly, right out of the box. However, it does require that VoIP providers cooperate with 3CX in doing the interop, and VoIP providers pay us for the certification procedure – after which they get access to our worldwide customer base via our website and by having their template in the software.

Following a survey we did recently on our blog we discovered that more than 50% of 3CX Partners would like more VoIP Providers to be 3CX Certified. So we are calling out to VoIP providers worldwide to complete the 3CX Interoperability Test and become a 3CX VoIP Provider. 3CX has more than 10,000 resellers worldwide and thousands of end users opening an untapped income source for your company.

The minimum support requirements in order to be a 3CX VoIP Provider are:

  • Re-invites (to be able to support blind and attended transfers)
  • Replaces
  • Audio Codecs: PCMU PCMA and optionally a low bandwidth codec GSM ILBC SPEEX
  • T38 Fax
  • Caller ID delivery
  • DTMF (rfc2833_)
  • SIP Server SRV Records or A records
  • DID Numbers should be in the SIP Invite (To User Part)
  • Recommended: Authentication ID has to be in a field. Example To: User Part or Request Line URI User Part

To find out the interop levels and to fill in the application to become a 3CX VoIP Provider and to be listed as a VoIP / SIP trunk provider for 3CX Phone System please go here.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure please feel free to contact us.

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