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Mobile Clients and BYOD: Better Together

Joe receives an important business call to his extension on the office IP-PBX system at 4 p.m. So, he puts down his golf clubs, steps off of the green at the fifth hole and answers the call over his mobile device.

In the past, this type of interaction would have been impossible to facilitate; but now, it’s easy to access all the features and functionalities of an IP-PBX from just about any location using a personal device with a VoIP client.

Using this technology, your business can mobilize its workforce using the existing devices that your workers already utilize on a daily basis. Here are some of the biggest benefits that a mobile VoIP client will afford for your business:

Greater productivity: Research shows that employees gain an average of about nine extra hours of productivity every week when using BYOD out of the office. Providing a mobile client that will make it easier to engage in standard office communication from any location will add to this value.

Better customer service: By making it easier to communicate with your customers, you will have fewer missed calls and thus fewer complaints. Customers will love being able to contact key members of your team when they are needed, particularly in emergency situations that can’t wait.

Greater privacy: Using a mobile client, employees will not have to distribute their personal numbers to any clients or prospects. This is a professional way to strike a firm work-life balance for your workers, as they can maintain privacy while still communicating with important customers.

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