3CX Cloud Server Release Candidate

We’re proud to announce our new 3CX Cloud Server! 3CX Cloud server replaces the old Multi tenant version of 3CX Phone System 11. 3CX Cloud Server not only runs 3CX Phone System v12 rather then v11, but has been greatly improved to allow 3CX partners to host 3CX Phone System as a hosted PBX for customers:

  • A central console to manage all tenants from a single windows application40
  • Easy deployment of IP Phones for customers
  • Secure provisioning via HTTPS
  • Far less ports per tenant, making firewall configuration much easier
  • The management console is now available via port 80/443 and only the URL changes per customer
  • 3CX Session Border Controller – available for Windows or Raspberry Linux – to avoid any firewall issues at the customers site as well as make plug and play provisioning of phones possible.
  • Central backup tool to back and restore ALL tenants in one go
  • Central Service Update tool to apply updates to ALL tenants in one go
  • Full VMware and Hyper V compatibility for redundancy
  • 3CX Cloud Server product information here. 


You can download 3CX Cloud Server here. Read the Installation and Configuration manual here.
Download 3CX Session Border Controller for Windows here.
3CX Session Border Controller for Raspberry Pi should be downloaded via the repository using apt-get. For more details consult the manual.