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3CX Phone System v10 Service Pack 1

3CX Phone System Update3CX is pleased to announce Service Pack 1 for 3CX Phone System Version 10. This service pack fixes several issues and also adds some new features that were missing in previous builds of V10. To download this update, simply login to the 3CX Windows Management Console, where you’ll find the service pack under the 3CX Phone System Updates node.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added: Columns in 3CX MyPhone making use of all the space available on screen
  • Added: Authentication details in the 3CX Welcome Email
  • Added: Increased tool-tip time out issue – Tool-tip will be triggered when hovered over. The description will be removed when the mouse ceases to hover over it
  • Added: Stripping of non-numeric characters when dialing out from 3CX MyPhone
  • Added: When Extension Group has no members, it will not be shown in 3CX MyPhone
  • Added: Increased active calls section to show more active calls
  • Added: Enabled pickup of calls from 3CX MyPhone on an IVR call
  • Added: Implemented workaround to bypass Silverlight crash when Outlook and 3CX MyPhone start simultaneously on Windows start-up
  • Improved: Queue Manager and handling of calls
  • Improved: Numerous fixes in Queue tab in 3CX MyPhone, showing queue agent status in both the Call Center Module and non Call Center Module licensing
  • Fixed: Extension import using CSV
  • Fixed: Stuck calls caused by bug in Drag and Drop operations
  • Fixed: Grandstream template updates to enable LCD language changes in Polish, Russian and more
  • Fixed: Provisioning IP address is updated in case server IP address changes
  • Fixed: Updating and changing of profiles
  • Fixed: Update of control operations in 3CX MyPhone
  • Fixed: Transfer and divert to shared parking places (SP)
  • Fixed: Bug in Log in and Log out of Queue
  • Fixed: Queue statistics issue in abandoned calls
  • Fixed: Exception and crash in Call History tab (3CX MyPhone)
  • Fixed: Making calls or outgoing calls from Outlook now make a single request. Requires Desktop Components update
  • Fixed: Validation checks when user selects specific office hours
  • Fixed: Exception and improved creation/delete of company phonebook entries
  • Fixed: Bug in caller ID reformatting for incoming caller ID with + sign
  • Fixed: Fixed multiple outgoing calls in queues
  • Fixed: Numerous issues in Forwarding Rules and contacting of external numbers from Ring Groups and Queues
  • Fixed: Bug in Ring Groups breaking flow when extension is configured to not make outbound calls
  • Fixed: Transfer issue when transferring to voicemail from IVR
  • Fixed: Longest Waiting Queue Strategy not targeting longest waiting agent after some time of operation (Call Center Module)
  • Fixed: Bug in Call Back ringing in the Queue and disconnecting (Call Center Module)
  • Fixed: Bug in Hunt by Three’s Strategy not targeting correct extensions
  • Fixed: TERMINAL SERVICES ONLY: 3CX Desktop components TAPI will not be installed

Known Issues

  • Terminal services – On some installations, the users are manually required to double-click on the 3CXOutlookWizard.exe application to register the Outlook Plugin per user. We are working to make this happen automatically in the near future. 3CXOutlookWizard.exe is located in Program Data/3CXMyPhone/ Client/Addin
  • When 3CX MyPhone is updated, a clear of cache is sometimes required.

Important Notice

Updating 3CX MyPhone is simple. After the administrator has updated 3CX Phone System 10 from the winforms management console, users can click on the 3CX MyPhone shortcut on their desktop. A message will inform the user that 3CX MyPhone has been updated. Simply restart the application.

3CX Desktop Components has been also updated. Click to watch the Installing Desktop Components video tutorial on the 3CX YouTube Channel.


Please post any questions about this release to the 3CX Phone System V10 forum.

Use this V10 Demo Key to activate enterprise features: LFMD-4QDR-7OHP-ZZO2

We look forward to your feedback!

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