DIY CRM Integration

CRM integration between 3CX and your own CRM in just a few simple stepsDo you have a CRM system that you want 3CX to integrate with? Although 3CX already integrates with most popular CRM systems out there, if your current CRM is not on the list you can easily develop the source code to integrate it yourself by using the 3CX Visual Studio Plugin Template which generates all the code you need to support your CRM System.

If you do not have development resources, then you can hire one of the 3rd party companies that develop plugins for 3CX. Alternatively, if your CRM supports an open standard web based REST API using a standard authentication, you can suggest that it be supported in the 3CX Ideas forum. If you are a CRM vendor and want to cooperate with 3CX, or you are ready to pay for an integration then you can fill in the 3CX CRM Integration Suggestion Form and the integration will be considered by 3CX.

The 3CX Visual Studio Plugin Template provides you with a Wizard that asks for the type of Authentication, the type of web services and the URLs needed to develop your plugin. After providing this information, the template automatically generates the source code for you. With some minor modifications to the code you can develop your own Plugin in less than a day!

The template supports the following type of authentication:

You can develop plugins only if your CRM system has one of the below webservice APIs:

  • REST
  • SOAP

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