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3CX Call Flow Designer Update Includes Record and Email

An update to the 3CX Call Flow Designer is available, includes Record & EmailFollowing Update 4 of 3CX v15.5, we’re releasing a new build of the 3CX Call Flow Designer which includes new features and fixes! This new version adds a new “Record and Email” component, updated regions for the Amazon Polly TTS engine, and a new date range feature for the Date & Time conditional component.

The new “Record and Email” component allows recording audio from the caller, and sends it attached to an email message. If the recording is finished because the caller hangs up, the email will be sent without needing to add any component to the Disconnect Handler flow, simplifying this very common task.

The new Record and Email component in the 3CX Call Flow Designer

Another very common need when using the Date & Time conditional component, is the ability to set date ranges. For example, when an office is closed for 2 weeks, instead of adding a “Specific day” condition for each day, you can use a “Date range” condition. This new condition will be met when the date is between the “from” and “to” dates specified (both included), and the time is between the “from” and “to” values.

The Date & Time editor in the 3CX Call Flow Designer
What else is new:

  • Added new regions for Amazon’s Polly TTS engine.
  • Added Date range to Date & Time conditional component.
  • Added new CFD Function CONTAINS.
  • Added new Record and Email component, allows recording audio from the caller and sending it attached to an email message.
  • Fix to EMail Sender component, which was not properly sending HTML body after upgrade 3 of 3CX v15.5.
  • Fix to EQUAL function, which was returning false when comparing an Int32 and an Int64 holding the same numeric value.
  • Fix to the flow execution logic, which now executes the Disconnect Handler flow when the call is dropped by the app when all components from the main flow have been executed.
  • Fix to dialers: variables were not being reset to default values for each dialer cycle, keeping history from previous runs.

Download Link and Documentation
Download the Call Flow Designer here
Read the manual here
View the complete Change Log

By |March 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on 3CX Call Flow Designer Update Includes Record and Email

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