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3CX Phone System v14 BETA Release

The BETA release of 3CX Phone System v14 includes the new iOS and Android clients3CX Phone System v14 is literally just a breath away! Following the Technical Preview of v14 in June, we have fine tuned the first release and are preparing for the final launch soon. The BETA release includes the completely re-written iOS client and the new Android client. The new clients take mobility to the next level with the integrated SIP tunnels and the advanced use of PUSH technology. The phones are “woken-up” when an incoming call occurs allowing users to answer their calls easily while at the same time saving on battery consumption.

Here is the complete change log:

  • Added 5 instances to Virtual PBX – total 25 instances
  • FQDN dialog changes
  • Ports can be modified for abyss webserver
  • FQDN check in management console
  • PUSH check in management console
  • If Exchange is detected, Abyss webserver is enforced and ports are changed
  • iOS PUSH is enabled by default
  • All Extensions have PUSH enabled by default for iOS
  • After v12 backup is restored a 3CX Welcome email is sent to all users
  • Bug fix in backup and restore affecting call history data
  • Backup and restore via scheduler interfaces updated
  • 3CX WebMeeting now gives ability to select a favorite MCU for the portal
  • Added Asia 3CX WebMeeting cluster for users located in Asia Pacific
  • Bug in ports fixed on Windows firewall
  • Queue agents calls fix in reports
  • Polling and unanswered calls in queue reports fix
  • Email is sent after restore is complete
  • All NFR keys now work on V14
  • Fix in G729 Counting of calls

Download Links and Documentation for v14 BETA
Download 3CX Phone System v14 BETA:
Download 3CXPhone for iOS Client
Download 3CXPhone for Android Client
Download 3CXPhone for Windows Client
Download 3CXPhone for Mac Client
Download 3CX Session Border Controller for Windows

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