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Telecom Resellers: Learn How IP-PBX Can Boost Your Sales

IP-PBX software that includes VoIP equipment is growing increasingly popular across businesses worldwide. In fact, the VoIP services market is expected to reach 348.5 million subscribers by 2020—a huge growth for the market. As a telecom reseller, this should grab your attention, as capitalizing on this expansion in the telecommunications market can help boost your own profits.

IP-PBX solutions make for a powerful addition to a reseller’s toolkit, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat business due to the myriad of benefits derived from the advanced communications tool.

Below are two dynamic ways telecom resellers can reap ROI when selling software-based solutions like IP-PBX:

IP-telephony is cutting-edge

With an IP-based phone system offering, customers seeking progressive communications options will likely want to hear about your product deliverables. You should also be prepared to advise your customers, who are continually looking for upgrades and improvements, by keeping abreast of evolving technologies.

A best-in-class IP-PBX provides customers with a system that integrates phone functions with computer-based applications—an important asset in today’s evolving communications technology. Businesses are hungry for flexible, multiplatform communication tools. An IP-PBX allows for the integration of unified communications tools, such as web conferencing and instant messaging that provide companies with future-proof methods of collaborating.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Due to the software-based infrastructure of an IP-PBX, you can assure customers that they don’t need to worry about difficult deployment involving downtime or a disruption in the flow of business. For instance, a customer from the contact center space will most likely be concerned with maintaining uptime when transitioning phone systems, since this industry depends on consistent customer service operations.

Not only is the transition from a legacy phone system to an IP-PBX made simple, the day-to-day upkeep is easy as well. Software-based phone systems are configured and maintained from a computer-based interface. As such, companies can maintain and upgrade their phone system—by creating inter-office bridges, for instance—internally, rather than requiring an expensive visit from a legacy phone technician.

Telecom resellers: If you’re looking to boost your profits this year, start leveraging the benefits of an IP-PBX .

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