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Curing Business Silos With Unified Communications

It’s unfortunate to admit, but many organizations today are ailing from a silo mentality. The major symptom being poor communication across departments brought on by a lack of comprehensive business solutions. Luckily, there is remedy for this corporate ailment in the form of unified communications (UC).

A recent Gartner analysis discussed how the implementation of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) “integrates siloed communication channels, enables workgroup communication and transforms how people work to achieve organizational goals.” Simply put, your business needs a robust communication system in order to kick start not only your connectivity, but productivity across departments and locations.

Eradicate business silos by leveraging these UC features:

Presence: It’s impossible to know the availability of colleagues who work in different departments or office locations. As such, this sense of distance between employees hinders collaboration across an organization as a whole. Presence, a UC feature which allows the user to easily see the status of co-workers in a single interface, boosts connectivity among company employees.

WebRTC based Web Conferencing: Give your team the opportunity to put a face to the name. With a simple click of the mouse, WebRTC based web conferencing permits colleagues to easily chat face-to-face in real time. For instance, organizations which span across the globe can leverage this technology in order to hold conferences across locations.

Instant Messaging: Hosting a video conference isn’t always necessary. For immediate communication across departments, use instant message or text chat. Put an end to hindered collaboration by providing a real-time messaging system. Instant message is by nature less formal, yet more urgent than email which makes for a perfect weapon against cross-department silos.

Business silos are infringing on your companies potential, but you can put an end to it with the right set of tools. Click here for more information on UC systems.

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