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Why Choosing a Communications System That Doesn’t Leverage WebRTC Is a Mistake

When choosing a new communications system, there is a lot for a business to consider. Every system has its unique features, and it is crucial to carefully examine every point and vendor promise so that you choose the right solution to suit your business needs. To ensure that the communications system you choose is future-proof, however, there is one point you can’t afford to compromise on: choosing a vendor that leverages WebRTC.

WebRTC, or Web Real Time Communication, is an open-source project promoted by Google, Mozilla, and other technology leaders. It allows for real-time communication within a web browser, so that video, voice, and chat communications can occur in real time. For example, by using WebRTC, a user initiating a videoconference could click a link to instantly connect with team members—with no software or plug-ins to download and install, and no expensive programs to purchase.

WebRTC is the wave of the future, and companies that don’t leverage this growing technology in their communications systems risk being left behind. According to the latest WebRTC Industry Status and Forecasts Report from Disruptive Analysis, by 2019 there will be more than 6 billion WebRTC supporting devices and 2 billion individual users representing about 60 percent of the Internet population.

There are many reasons for the increasing adoption of WebRTC, including:

  • It is free to use because it is an open source system
  • It encrypts voice and video communications to ensure security
  • It provides clear voice and video communications using codec technology
  • Connections are instant, free, and can be made from any device
  • The technology is reliable and easy to use

Vendors that do not make use of this technology may not be forward-thinking enough to serve your business well over the next 3-5 years as WebRTC becomes more prevalent. If your business is getting ready to adopt a new communications system, look at potential vendors closely to ensure the one you choose is leveraging WebRTC. The future will be here sooner than you think.

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