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Three Ways to Recruit Millennials to Your Workforce

Recruiting millennials to your workforce can prove to be a bit of a challenge if your business isn’t up to speed with the latest technology. However, recruitment is now more crucial than ever, as the millennial population will soon outgrow the baby boomer generation.

So, how do you reel them in? First, you must understand that millennials are a generation in constant communication with each other, always on the move and who strongly value their independence. As such, an Internet-based phone system with advanced features—like Instant chat and mobile capability—might be what it takes to draw this emerging generation to your company.

Here are a few ways an advanced communication system can help cater to the needs of the millennial worker:

Collaborative Atmosphere

Millennials are a product of the social media age, so it goes without saying that they love communicating, and doing so rapidly. Internet-based phone solutions offer collaborative tools to make business communication simpler and swifter, like through instant chat and Web conferencing, for example. Instant chat is a quick way to keep in touch with your millennial workers, and web conferencing allows you to conduct meetings with more convenience and with a progressive edge.

Mobile Capability

Millennials are notorious for being engrossed with their Smartphones, so if your business can keep them and their Smartphones close all while maintaining business productivity, your company will become quite appealing. With an Internet-based phone system, millennials can stay connected to their desk phones through their Smartphones by way of Android and iOS clients. Your millennial workers won’t have to worry about giving out their personal phone numbers with this option and they can still conduct business while they are on the move.

So, if you want to entice millennials to your business, an Internet-based phone system is the right choice.  Looking for more advice? Read this blog, on how to understand the younger generations in the workplace.

By |June 27th, 2015|Comments Off on Three Ways to Recruit Millennials to Your Workforce

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