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Survey Says SMBs Aren’t Familiar with Telecom Industry Trends

The scale and function provided by advanced telephony solutions are not just for enterprise-level organizations to enjoy. Rather, small businesses can enjoy considerable benefits by leveraging the right telephony solutions, namely with regards to cost efficiency and scalability. So, with that understanding, why are the majority of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still unaware of the advantages of upgraded telephony?

According to a recent survey conducted by Allworx and Hanover Research titled, “What Do SMBs Want In Business Phone Systems?” the majority of SMB respondents were unaware of telecom industry trends. While 68 percent were aware of the benefits to be had by leveraging VoIP; only 27 percent were with IP telephony, 23 percent with hosted PBX and 19 percent with virtual PBX. But awareness should be at an all-time high as Internet-based telephony remains on the cutting edge of business communication systems. As such, future-proofing business phone systems should be of chief concern for SMBs.

To better educate SMBs about the advantages of IP telephony, here is a list of typical business pain points and the solutions advanced telecom options can provide:

Complicated management

IP-based phone systems eliminate the need for wiring, as the phone lines operate over the Internet. In addition, best-in-class IP phone systems can be managed from a centralized computer-based interface. As such, small businesses won’t experience the same need for repairs as with on-premises phones. Furthermore, if you don’t have an IT staff, the computer-based operability is user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy employee who needs to configure the phone system.

Limited scalability

Even SMBs need some degree of scale and flexibility. However, on-premises phone system carriers charge heightened fees to add phone lines. What’s more, these companies need to install physical wiring to add lines which can disrupt business productivity. IP-based phone systems don’t impose such inconveniences, as companies are free to add phone lines internally or create bridges to connect external office locations. SMBs quite literally have scale and flexibility at their fingertips with IP-based phone systems, as managers can choose to add lines and bridges straight from the computer-based interface.

It’s time for SMBs to communicate at enterprise level efficiency. Investigate further advantages of upgrading your phone system, here.

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