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It’s 2015: Why Are You Still Paying for Long-Distance Calls?

Your mobile phone is state-of-the-art—a modern marvel that allows you to accomplish many tasks from the palm of your hand, anywhere and anytime. But are you taking advantage of all it has to offer, or, for instance, are you still paying long-distance fees while traveling overseas? For today’s corporate jetsetters, mobile communication is a top priority, but it no longer has to be costly. With softphone software, you can cut mobile communication costs drastically while simultaneously receiving additional benefits.

The installation of a softphone will make mobile phones even more useful, as employees will be able to take their desk phone extensions wherever they go—around the globe. The software provides your employees with the most cost-efficient communications solution while traveling. That is, individuals can receive and make calls over a single easy-to-operate interface from their office extension using their mobile device as the vehicle. This cuts long-distance calling fees because softphone technology operates over the Internet.

In addition to long-distance savings, a best-in-class softphone service, which includes VoIP clients that are compatible with popular mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, keeps on-the-go workers fully functioning at all times—as complete office directories and other communication options are made accessible from the mobile device. The advanced features of softphone technology—such as presence and simple remote configuration—provide users with invaluable communications tools from their smartphone interface. Upgrading your organization’s phone system to include softphone conveniences will result in fewer productivity lulls brought on by poor overseas communication options. As such, organizations will save money and increase productivity.

 Stop letting long-distance call fees and limited connectivity options provided by your legacy phone system ruin your business communication. Click here to learn more about the advantages of softphones for mobile workers!

By |March 19th, 2015|Comments Off on It’s 2015: Why Are You Still Paying for Long-Distance Calls?

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