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Does Your Softphone Interface Improve the User Experience?

Softphone technology is meant to provide the utmost ease of use; after all, productivity lulls won’t be reduced if employees can’t figure out how to use the phone system’s functions. A comprehensive interface that provides straightforward operation is imperative to the configuration of softphones. If you’re looking to upgrade your business communications with softphones, make sure you choose a best-in-class provider with an interface designed to ensure a quality user experience.

Let the list below act as your guide in seeking the best softphone for top-of-the-line user experience:

Simple configuration

Softphones that provide superior usability ensure that the installation and setup requires little work on behalf of the user. For instance, a plug-and-play softphone automatically configures once it is synced with the user’s network. The technology takes care of the legwork straight out of the box.

Central control

User-friendly softphones boast simple designs with central controls that are directly accessible from a main interface. A best-in-breed softphone will allow visibility of all features—such as presence—in one screen, with drop down menus that provide access to more options and controls.

Compatible with smartphone clients

The desktop configuration of a softphone should be compatible with smartphones in order to provide an advantage to mobile employees. Elite softphone providers will mirror the interface that is accessible from a desktop or laptop by providing smartphone clients. The same central interface, complete with UC features and control menus, should be available on one’s personal device—offering further options and simple-to-use communications solutions for on-the-go-business purposes.

Guarantee you’re choosing the most sophisticated solution for your softphone upgrade by learning even more, here!

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