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How a Virtual PBX Can Help You Widen Your Recruitment Pool

Recruiting the best candidates to fill your organizational chart is a challenge for businesses still operating a legacy phone system. To increase your success in this regard, you need to upgrade your telephony, not only to better and more quickly interface with applicants but also to ensure your ability to attract (and retain) candidates.

An upgrade to a virtual, or hosted, PBX offers a myriad of benefits—and it’s quick and easy to set up as well. Why a virtual PBX? You can get more advanced features for less than what you pay currently. Plus, it will allow you to assimilate mobile features, connecting remote workers who access your network from portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, it will enable API access, allowing you to leverage your unified communications (UC) system to easily integrate with your other databases.

How does all this translate to better hiring practices and outcomes? See below for a short list of virtual PBX benefits that will enhance your recruitment process:

Readily available information

UC solutions provide multiple collaboration and communication features in one platform. With these assets (IM, presence, Web conferencing, videoconferencing, etc.), you’ll improve the quality of every interaction. For hiring, a UC productivity management tool allows business executives to monitor and manage their recruiters located all over the world. This enables companies to improve response time, resulting in greater candidate satisfaction.

Communications-enabled processes

Communications that are directly built into the business workflow labor to remove human latency from business processes. This reduces wait times for phone calls, faxes and emails, improving project completion times. This is becoming a key factor in achieving operational excellence. Via their UC solutions, companies are now receiving automatic alerts for messages and are more responsive to candidates.

For a virtual PBX with UC, broad client support and uncompromised functionality, backed by 3CX—a global virtual PBX provider, click here for information on 3CX Cloud Server—a cloud PBX designed to host 3CX Phone System.

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