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Boost Sales and Productivity with an Online Web Meeting

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Get started with your online web meeting, share your desktop, presentations, documents and applications with your participants, wherever they are in the world. Welcome to 3CX WebMeeting.

Online meetings are changing the way we communicate and allowing businesses to build strong relationships with their customers, partners and colleagues, as well as reduce travel expenses. See an increase in productivity, boost your sales and gain greater customer loyalty with 3CX WebMeeting.

Impact Your Communications with High Definition Video Conferencing

An online web meeting brings people together by replicating nearly all the facets of communication. Are you tired of guessing how your customer has facially reacted to your question or answer? 3CX WebMeeting brings high definition video as well as quality audio to your online web meetings, meaning you no longer need to guess how your customer is reacting to your sales pitch as you can see their facial cues.

Reduce Travelling Costs with Online Web Meetings

Reduce your business’s travelling costs and put the time you normally spend away from the office travelling to better use by leveraging online web meetings. Use the time online web meetings have given you by building better relationships with your customers and arrange more meetings!

As 3CX WebMeeting gives you the freedom to remote control your customer or colleagues computer, you can save even more money on transportation costs associated with in-person service calls. Boost your customers’ loyalty in your firm by resolving any technical issues quickly by either taking control of your customer’s computer or sharing your screen with them and see the productivity of your customer service team soar.

Raise the Bar on Your Brainstorming Sessions

It can be a nightmare organising a brainstorming session if your colleagues and partners aren’t all situated in the same office. 3CX WebMeeting tears down any geographical or logistical barriers that exist when it comes to bringing your team together by utilising video, audio, desktop and file sharing features.

Try out 3CX WebMeeting today! Download 3CX Phone System and enable 3CX WebMeeting for free!

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