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How to Optimize Document Sharing on 3CX WebMeeting Using WebRTC

Sharing a document during a web conference is an added value that makes the session more effective and comparable to a face-to-face meeting.

Document share with WebRTC


On the other hand, it must be considered that document sharing can hugely increase the bandwidth required to join a meeting, as it is another data stream, in addition to the other participants’ video stream. This may be  causing issues over low performance connections. To optimize a document’s quality, and at the same time minimize the bandwidth requirements, you can tweak the document you will share with your participants to ensure the best experience possible prior to sharing.

Let’s see some general guidelines that can be useful to edit documents that would be shared during a web conference:

Presentation files like PowerPoint:

  • Use a uni-color background and with a sharp contrast with the color used for text.
  • Avoid animations and sound effects: animation will not be reproduced at the same quality and motion as in the local PC so the final result could be unpleasant. Sound effects will not be played on remote PC.
  • Add more slides – it is better than having a single overloaded slide with information. Every slide should contain no more than 4-5 main concepts or information, It should not be a page to read word-by-word. This will allow you to use a font size big enough to be easily read by your remote participants.

Text files like Word:

  • Usually, all text editors like MS Word allow you to enlarge (zoom) the entire document. If the participants need to read the text, it could be necessary to enlarge the shared document (zoom-in).
  • Use standard and easy-to-read fonts.

Documents shared via browser (eg. Google Drive)

  • In case the documents you wish to share are published on a webpage (eg. Google Drive), Google Chrome allows you to preset the page zoom level as well as the font size. The procedure is very easy and it’s described here.


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