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Streamline Your Business Communications with Web Meetings

3CX WebMeeting is a video conferencing solution that combines instant screen sharing and powerful web meeting tools that anyone can use to present, train or demo a new product or service to your leads, customers and colleagues.

Designed from the ground up to be an intuitive and easy to use web meeting solution that provides features that you’ll use every day, from sharing files with colleagues to talking to customers and showing them your latest product presentations.

Increase Your Productivity and Boost Sales

Increase your productivity by fitting in your web meetings around other, important scheduled tasks such as scheduling more meetings! As you are conducting your meetings from your computer and not having to travel to and from meetings, you are free to carry out more meetings throughout the day, which can lead to more sales opportunities.

Reduce Travelling Expenses & Create More Time for Your Customers

Embrace web meetings and reduce your transportation and other travelling costs. Your time is valuable and therefore you do not want it spent travelling on planes and trains. Rather, use the time you spend travelling to and from meetings to build better relationships with your customers by communicating face-to-face with them via 3CX WebMeeting.

Boost your customers’ loyalty in your firm by resolving any technical issues quickly by either taking control of your customer’s computer or sharing your screen with them. Why waste money on transportation costs associated with in-person service calls when your customer support staff can resolve the issue via a web meeting.

Better Brainstorming and Collaboration with Your Team

Brainstorming new sales, marketing and product ideas can be fun, but tricky if your colleagues are offsite. Brainstorming over a web meeting breaks down any geographical barriers, allowing you to take your brainstorming sessions to the next level by sharing and jotting down your ideas on 3CX WebMeeting’s online whiteboard. Once you and the team have finalised your brainstorming sessions, review what was said by watching a recording of it!

3CX WebMeeting allows you to share all sorts of documents and files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word and Excel documents, PDF’s and anything else you need when collaborating.

Try out 3CX WebMeeting today! Download 3CX Phone System and enable 3CX WebMeeting for free.


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