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3CX Phone System 12 Service Pack 4 Strengthens 3CXPhone Clients

Version 12 SP4 is no longer available for download. To download the updated version click here.

We are pleased to announce a new update for 3CX Phone System 12. Service Pack 4 is now available for download directly from the 3CX Phone System Management Console. Special focus was made on improvements to the 3CXPhone clients for Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android.

3CX Clients -Service-Pack-4

All clients now support the G722 High definition Audio codec. 3CX Chat was revamped adding numerous bug fixes especially in the area of group chat, new chat notifications and text editing.

3CXPhone for iOS now better supports iOS7, including its new theme, and can be automatically updated via the App Store. Fixes in PUSH notifications improve both the speed of delivery as well as reducing battery consumption by 25%3CXPhone for Android also benefits from improved PUSH notifications and therefore reduces battery consumption.

3CXPhone for MacOS now includes Hotkey support, Secure RTP, SiP using TCP as transport protocol and improvements in Presence information and call history sections.

3CXPhone for Windows now contains the Abandoned Queue calls Group Section inside the full screen presence window. Calls can be dragged and dropped to the respective queue. There are improvements to the missed and abandoned Queue calls sections. Layout and display settings are now being saved and you are able to navigate to other areas within the 3CXPhone App during a connected call.

Report & Queue improvements in the server

SP4 adds many improvements & fixes to 3CX Web reports. A new report showing the log-in and log-out history of agents in specific Queue Groups was added (Requires Pro Edition). Many fixes were made in the handling of Queue calls.


  • Certified the following VoIP Providers – 1tel, Vanilla, MTT, SigmaVoIP and Keyyo
  • Fax extensions configured with weak password are now shown as insecure extensions
  • Fixed Call History Service unable to start.
  • Fixed DID/DDI ranges
  • Fixed bug where extension rights were not being saved correctly
  • Management console can now render over 10,000 extensions
  • Fixed bug where 3CX Phone System was resending old events via email
  • Added support for Cisco 7941 and 7961
  • Fixed installation issue not installing IIS correctly on Server 2008 and 2008 R2
  • New report “Agent Login History” showing Agent’s log-in and log-out history
  • Call records are sorted correctly
  • Date and time for report generation are now remembered for that session
  • Added column names for each report page
  • Fixed bug where log-in time was showing Zero
  • Fixed bug in Time format
  • Fixed bug in Backup and restore not restoring large numbers of DID’s
  • Restore is now restoring Forwarding rules correctly
  • Restore procedure from Version 11 was setting some extensions as Unspecified Profile
  • Fixed one way audio using Speex codec
  • Fixed 3CX Phone System crash caused by routing loop involving ring groups
  • Fixed bug where Queue agents were not being polled any more caused by semi attended transfer between Queues
  • 3CX Queue now supports Semi Attended transfers between Queues

Change Log/Build History

You can see a complete list of changes by clicking on the following links:
3CX Phone System
3CXPhone for Windows
3CXPhone for Mac
3CX Phone for Android
3CX Phone for iOS

Installing 3CX Phone System 12 Service Pack 4

Access the 3CX Management Console, click on 3CX Service Packs / Updates and download SP4.


  • Download 3CX Phone System Version 12 Service Pack 4.
  • The 3CXPhone for Windows client is included in the 3CX Phone System 12 installation package and will be updated automatically.
  • 3CXPhone for Mac OS is also included in 3CX Phone System 12 installation package and will be updated automatically.
  • Download 3CXCRM update from 

Download 3CXPhone for Android and iPhone

Documentation and Links

We welcome your feedback and comments in the 3CX Forums and on our Facebook Page.

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