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3CX Version 9 Security Update

This patch further strengthens the security of 3CX Phone System 9 Installations. Please log on to the Windows management console and download this update which will upgrade your 3CX Phone System 9 Installation to build 15781.

.Additional security recommendations to consider after this update:

1. If you use bridges to connect to other 3CX Phone Systems, ensure you have not used the default password when creating a bridge. To check this

  • Click on Bridges node
  • Select a bridge and click edit
  • Change the authentication password on both the master and slave side. (To speed up registration process and reduce downtime it is recommended to first change the Master Password then the slave password.)
  • Click OK to save the changes

2. Change the default tunnel password. The tunnel password provides an additional layer of security and by not leaving the password default you make life more difficult for hackers. To do this:

  • Go to Settings, Network, Tunnel tab
  • Change the tunnel password, and click OK.
  • The tunnel password will be automatically changed in the provisioning files of 3CX softphones.
  • You will then be prompted to restart the 3CX Tunnel service. Restart the services from Services page.
  • Softphone users that use provisioning must restart their softphone.
  • Softphone users that do not use provisioning must manually change the tunnel password from Accounts, Edit Account, 3CXTunnel Section
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