Update to the latest version of our iOS app: Faster, OPUS codec support and improved UX

Get the latest update for 3CX's business iOS app - faster and easier to useFollowing the BETA release, we’re now releasing the final update for this build of our iOS app. This latest update launches and reconnects much faster and offers a smoother, more speedy experience in the recents display. We’ve also prepared the app for the upcoming V15.5 Update 6 release and have ensured support for multiple devices to be registered to the same extension and receive PUSH notifications.

What else is included:

  • Added OPUS codec support
  • Faster launch and reconnect
  • Faster and smoother Recents display
  • Added Apple’s UI refresh control in Recents (by swiping-holding down the list)
  • Fixed wrong call start/connect duration in Recents
  • Fixed New Contact button in Contacts not being shown sometimes when account reconnects or is changed
  • Fixed status custom message being wrongly cleared when status updates
  • Fixed Presence/Contacts search bar remaining “hidden” sometimes
  • Minor fix in color themes
  • Support for upcoming V15.5 Update 6 PUSH

View the complete change log.

Download the 3CX iOS app on your device and read the manual or update the app if it’s already installed.

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