UX improvements, OPUS codec and more in the latest iOS BETA release

ios beta clientThe latest 3CX iOS BETA client is now available with a number of improvements to the user experience. As well as OPUS codec support, there is also faster launch and reconnect and a smoother, more speedy experience in the recents display. Support for the upcoming V15.5 SP6 PUSH will allow for multiple devices to be registered for PUSH on the same extension so stay tuned for Update 6!

Other features and improvements include:

  • Added Apple’s UI refresh control in Recents (by swiping-holding down the list)
  • Fixed wrong call start/connect duration in Recents
  • Fixed New Contact button in Contacts not being shown sometimes when account reconnects or is changed
  • Fixed status custom message being wrongly cleared when status updates
  • Fixed Presence/Contacts search bar remaining “hidden” sometimes
  • Minor fix in color themes
  • Added OPUS codec
  • Support for upcoming V15.5 SP6 PUSH
  • Faster launch and reconnect
  • Faster and smoother Recents display

View the complete change log.

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