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IPv6 Support and More…get the latest iOS Client

Download the latest iOS softphone for 3CX which includes IPv6 support and moreWe’ve revamped the 3CX client for iOS by adding support for IPv6, notifications for incoming chat messages as well as showing the queue an incoming call belongs to. Additionally we’ve really improved the usability of the app by adding extension numbers to contacts, the ability to swipe left on a chat to display the time it was received and removed the missed call notification when a call was taken on a different device i.e. IP Phone.

Here is the complete list of improvements:

  • Added support for IPv6*
  • Added support for push chat messages*
  • Added support to show Queue/Ring prefix on incoming push call*
  • Added support for x-call-control*
  • “Missed call” push notification is not displayed when call is ended elsewhere*
  • Added keyboard and edit/copy/paste support on display
  • Added extensions in the Contacts
  • Added support for multiple eMails and mobile phones in Contact detail
  • Added Swipe Left in chat messages to show message’s time
  • Added CS, JA, NB, PT translations
  • Calls are now put on hold when accepting a regular GSM call
  • Fixed Conference button being disabled when call is answered via push
  • Fixed Company Phonebook contact wrongly appearing as editable when user doesn’t have rights
  • Fixed chat sound played when no real new chat is present
  • Fixed date/times not being shown according to device’s time localized format
  • Fixed Chat composer system’s keyboard not showing Auto-completion/Prediction option
  • Fixed SIP remote display name not being shown if myPhone extension name is empty
  • Fixed contacts not being matched if they contain only “email”,”pager”,”other”, “business fax”, “home fax” mobile numbers

*Requires V15

Download the latest 3CX client for iOS here.
View the complete change log.

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