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No IT Staff? No Problem, with a Hosted PBX, You’re Covered

If you’re on a tight budget and short on IT staff, but still want a powerful, well-equipped phone system, a hosted PBX just might be in your future. A hosted PBX is not only a reliable and easy to manage, it is also cost efficient and requires no specialized IT staff to maintain. As such, it is an excellent communications solution for a brand new small business.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of a hosted PBX:

Maintenance Made Simple

Contrary to proprietary on-premises phone system, hosted PBX has a computer-based architecture that is operated and maintained by a third party vendor. As such, you needn’t worry about replacing costly hardware or complicated copper wiring associated with traditional telephony. Due to the hosted PBX’s cloud-based infrastructure, if your business needs to scale up or scale down, you can do so by contacting your third party vendor to add or drop phone lines without incurring productivity lulls due to the addition or removal of on-site wiring.

Saves Office Space

When you implement a traditional PSTN into your business, you need to provide a dedicated space for it. With a hosted solution, your third party PBX provider manages the equipment at an off-site location. As such, you’re able to save more office space for more important things—like more desks or personal offices.

Or on another note, if you are a new small business you could avoid hiring an office space in the first place. The beauty of a Hosted PBX is that your business can appear to be a long-established successful organization when in reality it’s just 3 employees, each one of them working from home.

Easy to Manage

Hosted PBX is simple to install and manage even when you don’t have your own IT staff. In addition, due to its computer-based interface, so long as you understand how to operate on a desktop or laptop you’ll be able to manage your PBX setting in a snap.  As well, you’ll never need to worry about downtime for installation or updates as your hosted PBX provider will do so for you. As such, you can seamlessly integrate hosted PBX into your business without disrupting your productivity.

You can cross hiring an IT team off of your to-do list, let your hosted PBX provider do the legwork for you!

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