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Three Things You May Not Know About WebRTC

Industry pundits and market research firms seem to agree that WebRTC is poised to become the next disruptive technology. But until technologies finally become part of the mainstream, they are often immersed in a sea of unknowns. Remember when the smartphone was first introduced? Naysayers debated its potential to transform the professional and personal sectors but look at our society now; smartphones have redefined our mode of communication.

WebRTC is predicted to be just as life-changing and innovative. So, here are three things you need to know about the emerging technology:

  1. WebRTC is Coming Whether You Like it or Not: Is WebRTC-based web conferencing a part of your business’ UC system? If not, getting a jump start on researching and implementing this technology will serve your organization well. Much like the BYOD movement, WebRTC is a trend that will take the enterprise by storm by becoming integrated in various forms of our current communication systems. Just last year it was predicted that WebRTC is to be the next big trend in technology. Allowing your employees to get familiar with this simple to use system will be beneficial once this new mode of communication starts to take off.
  2. It’s the Modernization of Communication: WebRTC is a gateway to further innovation in communication technology. For instance, sites that are hosted by content management systems, e.g. WordPress, may soon be able to conduct interactive web chats with readers right on the blog page, as reported by Forbes. This function can help businesses across the globe greatly augment their internal and external communications processes. Once organizations start to use the technology to maximize the potential of current communication systems, face-to-face Web interaction will be forever changed.
  3. It’s Simple: Most importantly, the technology can be leveraged by even non tech-savvy employees. In best of breed Web conferencing solutions, it can be leveraged with just a few mouse clicks. WebRTC’s ability to be deployed seamlessly and expediently positions it to be the next mainstream service.

WebRTC is set to become the future of efficient business to business communications. Get ahead of the curve today and click here to learn more about what WebRTC based technology can do for your business.

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