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The New Call Flow Designer in BETA

V15.5 brings back the VAD – more powerful, much improved and with a new name – Call Flow Designer. With the Call Flow Designer you can easily create call flows and voice applications running on 3CX that:

  • Route calls based on user input, time or other variables
  • Collect information from the user
  • Store information in a database
  • Launch outbound call campaigns

The Call Flow Designer is now free to download – although running Call Flows requires a PRO licence.

Design your own voice applications with the 3CX Call Flow Designer

What’s new:

  1. Voice apps can run in both Windows and Linux, hosted or on-premise;
  2. You can now create outbound call campaigns, which automatically launch calls at a specific interval.
  3. The generated apps are compiled, which means they run faster and scale better.
  4. Errors that were previously found whilst running the call flow can now be detected and fixed during compilation.
  5. The UI has been Improved with a simplified Prompts Editor, a better Expressions Editor and the ability to automatically update projects after you delete or rename components.
  6. New variables available when dealing with inbound calls, including the DID used by external callers to reach 3CX, or the internal 3CX Call ID. These are very useful variables to take decisions during the processing of the inbound call, and attach data collected during the call for other applications that can take the call later.
  7. Automatic migration of projects from previous versions of the VAD for most of the components. This means that you don’t need to create your existing CFD projects from scratch, just check the components that can’t be automatically migrated (for example, Launch External Script component using javascript in v14 can’t be migrated to C# in v15).

Download Link and Documentation
Download the Call Flow Designer here
Read the manual here

View the complete Change Log

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