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WebRTC Gateway Makes Communication Easier Than Ever

Any product that helps a company save money while simultaneously making life easier for its customers is sure to turn a few heads. The WebRTC Gateway from 3CX—part of the recently released 3CX Phone System v12.5 Beta—fits both of those criteria, which means it deserves a closer look from your business.

Because it’s based on WebRTC technology, the WebRTC Gateway allows customers to call your company right from their Web browser. But the 3CX product goes much further.

Let’s say a customer is on your site looking for more information on a product or asking a question about billing. With the WebRTC Gateway, the visitor reaches out with a single mouse click, the call comes directly into your 3CX Phone System, and it is routed to a department or individual based on what page on your site the customer was viewing. That makes it more likely that whoever answers the call on your end will be able to resolve the issue without transferring the customer even once. Other helpful features of the WebRTC Gateway include:

  • Elevating calls to video when a more personal touch is needed
  • Sharing a screen with a customer
  • Providing no-cost calling to customers without shouldering 800 number expenses by passing over telecoms

Of course, WebRTC-based Web Conferencing— is also part of 3CX Phone System—helps your business enhance internal communications and collaboration as well. Anybody in your organization can convene virtual meetings with a few mouse clicks and co-workers and clients can join the conference by clicking a link, without downloading any clients or plugins.

WebRTC is rapidly emerging as the next major tool for improving communications, which is why 3CX has invested heavily in future-proofing our solutions by baking the technology into our products. To learn more about WebRTC and how 3CX will use it, click here.

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