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Wanted: Superior Online Collaboration

3CX WebMeeting brings online collaboration to a whole new level as it allows you to interact with your customers and colleagues more regularly and easily whilst boosting your productivity by sharing and working on documents as a team, in real-time.

Building Better Relationships with Online Collaboration

3CX WebMeeting gives you the freedom to do almost anything that you can do in person, with the added benefit of getting business done faster, whilst still dealing with your customers face-to-face. If your customer needs to meet you but you’ve had to jet off to another country, 3CX WebMeeting brings you together in seconds and in high definition video and audio.

Produce Better Results with Team-Work

It can be difficult if you need to coordinate a project quickly that involves three different departments, and a nightmare if those departments are based off site. With 3CX WebMeeting, online collaboration has never been easier. Schedule a video conference with the marketing team in London, logistics in New York and the sales team in New Jersey and share your screens, files and even take control of a participant’s computer!

Key Features:

Try out 3CX WebMeeting today! Download 3CX Phone System and enable 3CX WebMeeting.

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