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Using the 3CX Server Activity Log to Troubleshoot Issues

The 3CX Server Activity Log allows filtering of log entries, which comes in handy when troubleshooting busy phone systems where multiple extensions and gateways might be interacting with the 3CX Phone System simultaneously.

3CX Phone System Management Console v12

Filter by Log Type

One of the new features is filtering by entry type. A log entry can be categorized as either Error, Warning or Informational. In addition, you can enable Verbose logging to show additional logging such as the SIP messages being exchanged. Verbose logging requires a very good understanding of how VoIP and PBX work.

Filter by Extension

To identify the log entries generated by a specific extension, select the extension from the “Filter by Extension” drop down list. Apart from the users extension, this list also contains the virtual extension numbers assigned to gateways and VoIP Providers and the system extensions such as the Voicemail extension.

Filter by Call

To filter the log entries further to only show log entries of a particular call, you need to know the Call ID of the call. The Call ID is logged in log entries generated for a call. For example, the following is one line of log for Call ID 22:

Call(C:22): Incoming call from Line:10001<<10 to <sip:100@>

Note that the Call ID list is automatically filtered when you select an extension so that the Call ID list shows only the calls for the selected extension.

The IDs of calls are sequential and the PBX will start from Call ID 1 when the 3CX Phone System service is restarted.

Filter by Date

Calls can also be filtered by date. This can come in handy when you know when a problem was reproduced,and you want to concentrate on the logging generated at that time.

Log Paging

In order to avoid using too many resources to show the logs, the log entries are shown in pages containing approximately 1000 lines in each page.

Below are some posts showing how to use the 3CX Server Activity Log to find the cause of simple issues.

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