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Identifying Which Outbound Rule is Being Matched for a Specific Call

There are situations when you are making an outbound call and you need to know which outbound rule is being matched for the call. When you are using multiple outbound rules, it might be difficult to figure out which rules are being used. You might need to determine this in order to configure priorities. You can find out which outbound rule is being used using the 3CX Server Activity Log.

Scenario: We make use of two VoIP Providers – one for calls to the UK and another for international calls. We have configured two outbound rules, one which matches the prefix “0044”, and another which matches the prefix “00”. We would like to ensure that the calls going to the UK get routed through the UK VoIP Provider.

  1. Make an outbound call to the number you would like to check. Do not make any other calls from this extension until you go through the following steps.
  2. Load the 3CX Management Console.
  3. Go to the “Server Activity Log” node, and filter the logging by the Extension from where you made the call.
  4. The “Filter by Call” list will be automatically updated to show the calls made by the extension selected in step 3. Select the last call in the list.
  5. The logging will be filtered to show the logging of the call you made in step 1. This should show the following. Remember to start reading the logging from the bottom, up:

    Leg L:6.1[Extn:100] is terminated: Cause: CANCEL from
    [CM503025]: Call(C:6): Calling T:Line:10009>>00441231456@[Dev:sip:20001@] for L:6.1[Extn:100]
    [CM503027]: Call(C:6): From: Extn:100 (“Nicks” <sip:100@>)  to  T:Line:10009>>00441231456@[Dev:sip:20001@]
    [CM503004]: Call(C:6): Route 1: from L:6.1[Extn:100] to T:Line:10009>>00441231456@[Dev:sip:20001@]
    Call(C:6): Call from Extn:100 to 00441231456 matches outbound rule ‘Rule for International VoIP Provider’
    [CM503001]: Call(C:6): Incoming call from Extn:100 to sip:00441231456@

  6. The highlighted line shows the name of the outbound rule that has been matched for this call. In this case, the rule selected does not seem to be the correct one. We need to move the rule for UK calls to a higher priority compared to the “Rule for International VoIP Provider”.

More information on the 3CX Server Activity Log and other examples on how this can be used for troubleshooting can be found here.

By |September 26th, 2012|Comments Off on Identifying Which Outbound Rule is Being Matched for a Specific Call

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