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Future-Proof Yourself Now With WebRTC

As a successful business executive you’ve known for quite some time that thriving companies tend to stay ahead of the technical curve. When a new technology emerges, organizations that have the foresight to adopt it first gain a major advantage over the competition. Take social media as an example: Some companies immediately recognized it as a way to reach millions of new potential customers, while others couldn’t see Twitter and Facebook as anything more than a vehicle for people to let the world know they were at Starbucks.

Now we stand at the brink of a major technological revolution as WebRTC gathers steam. WebRTC-based Web Conferencing lets professionals set up face-to-face Web chats without requiring any of the parties involved to download a new client or plugin. That means that once the conference is set up, the organizer simply sends a link to the other invitees, who can enter the virtual meeting immediately.

WebRTC can help you cut communications costs and improve Intraoffice collaboration. But even more importantly, it offers an added convenience that your clients are sure to love by allowing them to participate in conferences without downloading any clients or plugins. Let’s say you are trying to set up a videoconference with four of your client’s team members, all located in different offices. Think about how inconvenient and inefficient it is for each of those people to have to download something just to join the conference. WebRTC solves that problem, as it allows audio and video communications through Web browsers.

Right now, WebRTC is still an emerging technology and many businesses are still unaware of the benefits it offers. There is still time to begin using this technology before your competition does, but that window is closing as WebRTC quickly finds its way into the mainstream. So the only question left for you now is, do you want to lead, or follow?

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