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Innovative Ways To Use Web Conferencing

The majority of today’s businesses are accustomed to web conferencing, a unified communications feature leveraged to host conferences and unite internal and external stakeholders. In fact, Transparency Market Research revealed that the global video conferencing market is predicted to reach $6.40 billion in the next five years—a great revenue leap for the market. Perhaps, this growth can be attributed to the innovative ways businesses across varying industries are implementing this well-known telecommunications platform.

Web conferencing is now applied as a solution to a myriad of global communications limitations. Below are a few ways businesses can implement web conferencing in a more purposeful way:

Transcending language barriers

In our globalized society, businesses leaders in many industries face language barriers each day. Web conferencing provides a portable solution to knock down barriers in order to fluidly conduct business. For instance, interpreters in the healthcare industry are now using video conferencing to communicate with patients and doctors who need immediate, reliable translations in the absence of an on-site interpreter.

Employee prospecting

Geographical location shouldn’t limit businesses’ ability to recruit the most qualified candidates. Organizations that leverage video conferencing to interview remote candidates increase their chances of scouting out a top ranked industry member to bring to their team.

Improving training procedures

Aggregated research suggests that an individual’s attention span is greater when communicating through web conferencing compared to over the phone. Businesses can leverage this information to improve their training procedures. For example, the education industry is now using video conferencing to invite guest speakers to the classroom. Why not use a similar approach in—for instance, your next sales training seminar—rather than holding a conference call. This will add a more engaging edge to the training process.

Web conferencing is a powerful communication platform for today’s business. There are always new ways to implement this UC feature to rejuvenate and advance your business needs.

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