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During the past several years, research firms have released a mountain of reports and surveys addressing the importance of the customer experience and its evolving role as a competitive differentiator. For example, a recent survey from Zendesk revealed several startling service statistics, including the following:

  • 55 percent of customers said they switched to a different company after a bad customer experience
  • 58 percent of respondents said they are more likely to tell others about their customer service experiences than they were five years ago
  • 88 percent of customers have been influenced by customer reviews online when making purchasing decisions

The recipe for outstanding service contains a number of ingredients, but one of the most important—and often overlooked—is spending face-to-face time with customers to give them a personal touch. In the past, in-person meetings typically required businesses to send their employees to customers’ offices, often at a great cost if the client was located in a different state or country. With the advent of WebRTC-based Web conferencing, however, face-to-face meetings are easy to arrange and more financially viable than ever before.

WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is an open standard for embedding real time multimedia communications capabilities directly in a Web browser. Because the framework is open, WebRTC eliminates the necessity for parties to install client software or plugins. In other words, using the technology allows businesses to set up virtual meetings that customers can join quickly and without any hassle. Once the meeting is scheduled, the organization simply sends the customer a link; as soon as the client clicks that link, the meeting can begin; it’s that easy.

The standard is also free to use, so on top of saving money on  employee traveling expenses, companies can hold video meetings without incurring crippling long-distance phone charges from traditional carriers, regardless of where the client is based. Although WebRTC technology is still evolving, the multitude of benefits it offers are already apparent. These include:

  • Constant voice and video encryption that makes sensitive communications secure
  • Excellent voice and video quality derived from codec technology
  • Device independence
  • Instant connections
  • Reliable sessions

In some situations, a text message, email or phone call is perfectly acceptable for client communications. In other instances, however—like during a business emergency or critical sales pitch—organizations may need a more personal approach. When customers are confident that they can speak with vendor representatives face to face at a moment’s notice, they are more likely to feel valued and more inclined to remain loyal to that company. Additionally, reducing travel expenses allows companies to re-direct financial resources to other mission-critical projects which, in turn, helps business grow.

If you’d like to take 3CX’s WebMeeting solution for a test drive, click here to download our phone system for free. Are you interested in learning more about WebRTC technology and the benefits it offers? Click here for our WebRTC FAQ & Info page.

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