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The Top Four Web Conferencing Must-Haves

For today’s businesses, Web conferencing offers an abundance of improvements upon traditional phone conferencing as it provides for more-intimate interactions and is capable of transcending geographical distances without airfare. More than just a virtual face-to-face meeting, however, Web conferencing offers a myriad of capabilities, such as those highlighted in the list below.

Before you can take full advantage of the technology’s many benefits, however, it must be of a premier quality. So, if you’re a business leader looking to provide your colleagues and clients with a seamless and comprehensive videoconferencing session, here are the top four Web conference must-haves:


A major must-have for Web conferencing is integration with WebRTC. This technology augments the Web meeting experience as it initiates the conference using a browser-to-browser launch; this means the meeting can begin quickly as neither the host nor the invitees need to first download external clients or plug-ins.

Collaboration tools

Simple features, such as an online whiteboard, for instance, make an impactful difference in the quality of a web meeting. This particular feature lets users make visual notes during the meeting, making for a more interactive conversation. This note-taking capability engenders a more-productive brainstorming session for conference attendees.

Ability to revisit the session

A recording feature is important as it’s difficult to recall intricate details in the correct context after the fact. This feature is also beneficial as meetings can be replayed for colleagues who weren’t in attendance.

Cost efficiency

WebRTC is just as important in the area of cost efficiency as it is for speed of communication. Because the technology is based on open source software, it can be integrated with web conferencing platforms at no additional charge for the end user. Furthermore, WebRTC-based Web conferencing eliminates businesses’ need to purchase outside software to support the conferencing session because Web meetings occur over the Internet.

If you want to get the most out of your Web conferencing experience, address this list of must-haves in advance.

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