Singtel – A new SIP Trunk available in 3CX for Singapore

Another New SIP Trunk Added: TalkTalk Business

talktalk business SIP trunk

PBX Express Repo Change

Attention PBX Express Users

Try Out the New 3CX SIP ALG – Firewall Check

Check out the new 3CX SIP ALG Firewall checker

IP Phone Switching and VLAN Tagging

Minimize cabling and Switch ports with vlan tagging

Two New SIP Trunks Added – CenturyLink & Twilio

New Sip Triunks added to 3CX - Twilio and CenturyLink

Opening the Welcome Email Attachment on the 3CX Client for Android

Opening your Welcome Email in the 3CX Android Client

Installing 3CX on Linux Version: Debian 9 Stretch

Install Linux version 9

Multiple Outbound Call Routes

Multiple Outbound Call routes in 3CX

Answer 3CX Calls Directly from your Sennheiser Headset

PBX and headset compatibility. 3CX and Sennheiser.