New 3CXPhone 5 BETA Version 14065

3CX is proud to announce a new version of it’s popular VoIP Softphone for Windows – 3CXPhone 5 BETA for Windows. This release is a major improvement with many much requested new features and bug-fixes.  3CXPhone 5 for Windows will remain FREE! You can download the beta of 3CXPhone5 Version 5.14065 here

Key new features that have been added to 3CXPhone 5 are:  Video support, ability to support multiple SIP accounts and BLF. With the BLF feature you can subscribe to particular extensions and see their status. We have also added JABRA support, Plantronics headsets are NOT supported by 3CXPhone! We

Complete list of changes

  • Added: Multiple SIP accounts
  • Added: 20 configurable BLFs/speed dials
  • Added: 5 Line channels (5 sim calls over any account selected)
  • Added: International language support for IN/OUT bound CallerID, call history and phone-book
  • Added: AM/PM clock – click to change to 24hr
  • Added: Automatic Direct SiP call when @ is present in dialed uri
  • Added: Video improvements and custom FFDSHOW decoder
  • Added: Shortcut in File/Debug window to access user profile configuration
  • Added: JABRA headset support
    NOTE: Jabra will add the support in their main installation package. For those that do not want to wait for this you can download the zip archive and install manually following the help instructions. Download here
  • Fixed: Issue in transfers by dialog
  • Fixed: profile validity checking
  • Fixed: bug in pop-up notification
  • Fixed: Keep phone position on multiple monitor displays
  • Fixed: reconnection problem in 3CX Assistant integration
  • Fixed: auto-muting microphone sensor to avoid audio interferences in DTMF tone sending
  • Fixed: FFDSHOW problems when FFDSHOW was pre-installed

Configuration Tips:

To configure Softkeys for BLF and Speed-dials:


  1. Click on an empty Softkey to display the softkey configuration
  2. Enter the UserID for the extension you wish to monitor example 100
  3. Choose the type: Speed dial or BLF/Xfer.
  4. Enter a Label for this Softkey, for example 3CX Engineering Dept, and choose the account that this extension is assigned to.
  5. Click OK. The phone will reload and the Softkey will turn Green if the Extension is registered. Blinking orange means ringing or dialing, whilst solid orange means connected

Configure and using Multiple SIP Accounts:


  1. Right click on the main 3CXPhone Screen and click on the Accounts button.
  2. Create new Accounts by clicking on the NEW button. Enter the required information in the Account Settings dialog box
  3. In the above example we have 4 different accounts. Select the accounts you want the 3CXPhone5 to register to by checking the Active check-boxes highlighted in red
    Click OK. 3CXPhone5 will restart and register all the active accounts. You will be able to make and receive calls on the same soft-phone to 4 different IP PBX or VoIP Providers
  4. To toggle between different accounts on a line, click on LINE 1 to open a channel.
  5. Click again on LINE 1 to change the account being used for the channel. You will see the connection details change on the top right corner of the 3CXPhone5 main screen display.
  6. Click on Line 1 again to toggle back.

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  1. Vali_3CX, you said that 3cxphone talk with every Jabra device that support jabra device service, but for my jabra go 6430 everything work fine except the answer button, that doesn’t work. I have in the 3cx phone debug window this message: Jabra not connected.
    I think that’s because there is actually no dll for 3cx softphone in the jabra device service, unlike skype, avaya, cisco… that are already supported by jabra.
    So, is it possible to get this dll for 3cx phone in order to test, because I have buy one jabra go 6430 and one platronics voyager pro with no success with the answer call button and I think it’s very problematic for my customers (I’m a 3cx reseller!)

    October 12, 2010 at 10:38 pm
    • Jabra are testing our DLL and should be including it in their next driver release. So the ball is in the court of Jabra….

      October 13, 2010 at 11:09 am