Ferrari, Lamborghini & Maserati Get a New High Performance Neighbour – 3CX

3CX open 3CX Italy

3CX and C2 Communications Announce Successful Interoperability Testing

c2 comms box

MWL Systems Switches from a Proprietary PBX to 3CX Phone System

MWL Systems

3CX Expands in the Scandinavian Market with New Distributor Cenimo

3CX open 3CX Italy

Strategic Partnership Pairs Windows-based 3CX Phone System with Fanvil IP Phones

3CX logo

Republican Party of Minnesota Connects with its Constituents Using 3CX Phone System

Republican Party of Minnesota

Cellografica Gerosa Connects its Production Line to 3CX Phone System

Cello Gerosa box

3CX Set to Disrupt the Video Conferencing Market with e-works Acquisition

3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX & OVH Announce Successful Interop Testing

3CX & OVH Announce Successful Interop Testing

Target Distributing Named as New 3CX Distributor for the US Market

Target Distributing